Sunday, November 20, 2016

Missing My Flight to Japan

I was scrolling down the messages I got from my phone in Line. One of them was an information about this opportunity to go to Japan for approximately three weeks. I looked out the requirements and it seemed quite easy to do. So with no expectation I applied for it.

Few weeks later, I got text from Office of International Affairs in my University that I needed to go to the office immediately to take the Invitation letter for applying visa. I was of course super thrilled! I told whole of my family and friends and they are happy for me too!

Few days later, I went to Jakarta to apply for visa and internship. I met my parents there and I told them that this program is a scholarship, except for the flight ticket and visa fee.  Fortunately, the visa fee is waived as I am still a student and I am going for non-tourist activity. Perhaps, this is one of the strategies to increase number of international arrival to Japan, but I don’t know.

First week of March, I went back to Jakarta and ready to go to Japan. This was my first time ever to visit Japan and I am again can’t wait! With all stupidity that I have, I looked at the flight scheduled and it said 10.30 am. I was waiting for my driver to drove me to the airport but he did not show up. I started to get panicked and I ran to Gambir Train station to take bus to the airport. It was 7am, so I guess I am saved. In the domestic terminal the traffic was crazy. I looked back at my flight scheduled in my phone and apparently my flight takes off at 9.45am.  10.30 is apparently my flight back from manila to Jakarta and I started to blame myself for it.

I was late, extremely late. I have no money on my pocket and I called my mom. She said, “Calm down, take a deep breathe and calm down”. She is the best. She then transferred me some money to booked the next flight. The flight take off at 1pm to Kuala Lumpur so I still have much time to eat lunch and settling myself down. But the bad news is, the flight from KL to Osaka take off at 7am in the morning the next day. So I am literally going to spend 13 hours. Here we go again, my alone-trip-nowhere-to-go-but-airport.

I feel really bad about it and keep saying how sorry I am for being such an idiot to my mom. instead of being angry with me, she said "Uang bisa dicari, pengalaman kayak gini khan yang jarang didapat. Pokonya jangan lupa minum obat dan pulang ya (We can look for money, but the experience is irreplaceable. As long as you take your meds and go home, I will be forever grateful)". I know right, she is THE BEST!

Actually, that was it. Hahaha. The moral of the story is always checking your flight schedule time carefully, like seriously, CAREFULLY or you’ll end up miserable. Like I did. But the fun thing is, I know where to get cheap food in KLIA, hourly hotel I can booked to just take a shower and have a quick nap, and seeing a convulsions guy right in my back and went crazy. I was panicked and really wanted to filming the whole situation but I don’t think that ‘s appropriate. So I did not do it.

Last word, don't be afraid to go either you'll go alone or with friends. You'll always find it interesting to tell people or maybe your future children?

Peace out!