Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Crazy Thing I've Done in the Beginning of This Year (Part 2)

After that tough story, this story will going to be how my life goes in Russia and how can I still alive. Haha

Firstly, after I packed everything, I go to the international airport with my parents. MEEEEENNN this is my first time to go to INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT IN SOETTA! hahahaha
And we waiting in the lounge.

My mom choose to taking a pictures. I dunno why, maybe she don't want to show her sad face to the camera because I will leaving. humbbbbb. mom, don't be sad. I'll be fine :)

Because my flight to Russia is presented by Emirates airlines, I should transit in Dubai for 5 hours.
Well, transit in Dubai is not that bad. Seriously, IT ISN'T THAT BAD!

I feel like I see a little piece of future here. hahaha
It was damnably, extremely, perfectly, AWESOME!
When the plane get landing, It feels really good for me. Like it was saying "welcome" silently.
Because everything here is written in English and Arabic, I feels like, Okay, I far away from home. There will no people here talking in my language. Am I gonna die? hahaha 

I'm waiting here for 5 hours before my REAL Journey begin . .

While waiting, the flights gave me McDonald's AS FREE! YEAAAYY!
And it was BIG MAC :')
And the costumer service told me, if I transit there for more than 7 or 10 hours I'll get one free hotel's room in the airport. WOW! 

And then, I'm arrived in Moscow.
I picked by my father's friend named Mr. Irawadi. The cool, kind and greatest man! hahaha

This is the very first picture I take when I was just arrived. haha

This is Mr. Irawadi's little-but-verycomfy flat.

And this is his little-cute-funny-smart daughter.
I took it when I take her to her Kindergarten.

And these are piture of my VERY FIRST NIGHT-OUT :3
and I bought this amazingly heaven chocolate :9
I still remember how it taste now, seriously, it's heavenly yummy...

Then, I and Fahri, walking trough the Moscow road, see things and taking alot of pictures.
It was -12 and I'm freezing like hell-____-

I took this picture to make sure that something on my nose isn't blood. hahahaha
And lucky me, IT ISN'T :) :)

This is the phenomenal church in Moscow!

And there is a mall near the church named GUM.
Of course we were there. hahaha
In the outside, it's like a castle, but in the inside it's like a dream land.

This Ice cream cost like 60 rouble.
It's like almost 2 USD.

I dunno excatly what is this but on my mind, it was

(to be continued . . .)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Crazy Thing I've Done in the Beginning of This Year (Part 1)

This is crazy, like really crazy, like I dunno, i'ts even huge than crazy!
It's been a year since I graduated from high school to post something on my blog. haha
I don't really into blog anymore right now, but I've spent a lot of things that I really wanna share to anybody.
So the story will begin in the beginning of this year.
January, 2013.

It's just unbelievable story.
I have a dream since was a little to going abroad.
When people ask me "what is your dream? what you wanna be when you are big?"
I will exactly said "GO ABROAD" but I have noooooo idea what will I do when I am abroad. hahaha

Then I was accepted in Brawijaya University.
There are people that I met saying that going abroad is just so easy.
They are promoting some exchange program trough organization AIESEC.
Then I came to them and asked them "what? really? how?"

And they're all answering my question perfectly. hahaha
Then, I did what they told me to do.
It was hard because I should answer the essay with a loooooot of questions.
I filled in the essay randomly and thinking, "if I am selected it will be just so crazy" hahahaha

Then the announcement came.
Then I choose the country, the project, and get an interview.

And I got this e-mail:

That's sounds amazing to go to Russia and see the snow, I think. Especially, I LOVE CHILDREN.
Then I replied their e-mail and said that i'm interesting with their project.
I had this interview with Elmira Gusaynova, the awesome girl from Russia and in the end, she said that I was ACCEPTED! hahaha
It's not the time for happy, actually. I should do A LOT of preparation before I go.
Ticket, visa, jacket and more winter coat, mental, health body, instead of everything what I damnably needed was MONEY :(

I tried a lot of things to get the money. I was so stressed like crazy at that time.
But then God answered my pray.
I made a really good proposal and sent it to my dad.
Then my dad sent it to all of his friends and one of them SENT ME THE MONEY! hahahaha
He sent me USD2500! which was enough for me to bought the ticket, visa, and a little bit stuff for winter.

But things were not going better . . . . .

Two weeks before my departure, Jakarta has a worst flood.
So, all offices closed including Russian embassy. So I could not make my visa :(
I was so stressed again. It was even worse than the first one.
The guy who I payed for making me visa just telling me that Russian embassy would be open next week.
God knows that I was crying. I knew it.
Then the embassy opened before the guy told me. So, I made it as soon as I could.
But the officer in Russian embassy said "I hope it will finish before the departure"

Things were going even worse than before.
One night,  I was coughing. But it was not an usual cough.

I went to the doctor with my parents and he said that I got tuberculosis.
My dad's so worried about me and said directly "I forbid you to go to Russia. You'll die there in the middle of snow with this condition"
then I was crazy like seriously.
but my mom asked to the doctor "is that okay to go, doc?"
and the doctor answered "it's okay as long as he takes the medicines everyday. One day he forget, worst case will happen soon"

Finally, the day has come. . . 
My visa finished right AT THAT DAY.
I was relieved yet worried. hahaha
I packed everything

That's my luggage and the black one with the plastic, that's my winter jacket.

and here I am . . . ready to go . . . .

I am Imam Al Rezki, 18 years old (at that time), never going abroad before, trying to get the hell out of my comfort zone READY to go to Siberia, Russia all by myself.

See? nothing is easy in this world. Success is just the gift. the process is more precious than just a gift.
Faced everything. You'll see what will you get from hard work.

to be continued . . . .