Monday, November 25, 2013

Some of Unforgettable Things I had in Russia

Well anyway, This post is more into some of things that I can't forget and some culture-shock that I had during my time in Russia.

NO RICE! But this potato irreplaceable . .

Left-My well cooked egg Right-Disgusting Jenya's egg. hahaha

The Farewell Party was just started at this time, at night. Just started

My Everyday lunch. everyday.

Ice-Statue in City Central Park. And never ever be melt.


Bella's family invited me to go to their house for dinner :)

Can I did that? Don't ask, please.

It is just so lucky to stand with those shoes for 5 minutes

The one and only mosque in Krasnoyarsk :')

So different, right?
Going abroad is just the way you love your country more and more.
See the difference, love your country and GOING ABROAD!!
You will never ever know till you experience it yourself. 

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Crazy Thing I've Done in the Beginning of This Year (Part 3)

well, finally the last part is comiiiiing.
This is about what should I did as an Exchange Participant.
I'm not a tourist, I'm an exchange participant and it's really different.
I'll show you what it means. . .

As an Exchange Participant, I go to some places to create an impact.
And the impact that I want to create in Krasnoyarsk was making an international environment to the school there, also making a good relationship for both country, making a lot of friends from many countries and the most important is that I need to tell to people in Russia that I lived in a really good places that has a great scenery, nice people and everything that called as INDONESIA!!

Yep, I'm here in Russia as an Ambassador from Indonesia. So that people in Russia know how people in Indonesia looks like and how nice people in Indonesia is :))

First, I go to the Airport from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk. I was picked by this Crazy guy that being my buddy named Andrey.

This is the very first photo I took for both of us :D

And then Andrey took me to one of the scary hotel hahaha They took me there because they haven't found the host-family yet for me.


 Finally! my first day to teach in school!!!!!
I haven't prepared anything yet anyway, just the presentation I made about Indonesia.
We did Introduction at the first meeting and continued by question and answer section.

16-17th years old. Look how short I am than my student-____-

AIESEC-er find me a host-family!but before I go to my new-family :3 I went to Andrey's friend and my new-family will picked me there. and here is him.

and here is my host-family!
I lived with a super-cool-guy named Ruslan. He hasn't marry yet but he has a very-nice-girlfriend.
but she's not living with us.

Here is Ruslan

This is his comfortable flat and the sofa is his bed :))

and this is MY LOVELY BED! :D I miss it :3

I do quite alot of things here to save money haha
And then I met Kiki. Another Indonesian ambassador from Indonesia! hahaha

Three of us are Moslem :3

about to go to the welcome party for all Exchange Participant in Krasnoyarsk.

well, I have a really really great time here in Russia. I do a lot of things for 6 weeks.
I can do travel and I also can be an Indonesian ambassador in the same time.
If you can do both, why think twice?

So here's my awesome and unforgettable experience of my life.
Travel around, create impact, be the part of  Indonesian ambassador and tell the world what Indonesian has!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Crazy Thing I've Done in the Beginning of This Year (Part 2)

After that tough story, this story will going to be how my life goes in Russia and how can I still alive. Haha

Firstly, after I packed everything, I go to the international airport with my parents. MEEEEENNN this is my first time to go to INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT IN SOETTA! hahahaha
And we waiting in the lounge.

My mom choose to taking a pictures. I dunno why, maybe she don't want to show her sad face to the camera because I will leaving. humbbbbb. mom, don't be sad. I'll be fine :)

Because my flight to Russia is presented by Emirates airlines, I should transit in Dubai for 5 hours.
Well, transit in Dubai is not that bad. Seriously, IT ISN'T THAT BAD!

I feel like I see a little piece of future here. hahaha
It was damnably, extremely, perfectly, AWESOME!
When the plane get landing, It feels really good for me. Like it was saying "welcome" silently.
Because everything here is written in English and Arabic, I feels like, Okay, I far away from home. There will no people here talking in my language. Am I gonna die? hahaha 

I'm waiting here for 5 hours before my REAL Journey begin . .

While waiting, the flights gave me McDonald's AS FREE! YEAAAYY!
And it was BIG MAC :')
And the costumer service told me, if I transit there for more than 7 or 10 hours I'll get one free hotel's room in the airport. WOW! 

And then, I'm arrived in Moscow.
I picked by my father's friend named Mr. Irawadi. The cool, kind and greatest man! hahaha

This is the very first picture I take when I was just arrived. haha

This is Mr. Irawadi's little-but-verycomfy flat.

And this is his little-cute-funny-smart daughter.
I took it when I take her to her Kindergarten.

And these are piture of my VERY FIRST NIGHT-OUT :3
and I bought this amazingly heaven chocolate :9
I still remember how it taste now, seriously, it's heavenly yummy...

Then, I and Fahri, walking trough the Moscow road, see things and taking alot of pictures.
It was -12 and I'm freezing like hell-____-

I took this picture to make sure that something on my nose isn't blood. hahahaha
And lucky me, IT ISN'T :) :)

This is the phenomenal church in Moscow!

And there is a mall near the church named GUM.
Of course we were there. hahaha
In the outside, it's like a castle, but in the inside it's like a dream land.

This Ice cream cost like 60 rouble.
It's like almost 2 USD.

I dunno excatly what is this but on my mind, it was

(to be continued . . .)